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PackagingTech  ProcessingTech
Adhesive Tape / Adhesive Strips
Air Conveyor / Pneumatic Conveyor
Aseptic Packaging
Automation & Control Systems
Bag Closing / Sealing
Bag Filling
Bag Making / Forming
Bag-in-box Packing
Cartoning Machines
Case handling/packing/sealing
Closing & Sealing Equipment
Complete filling lines
Vacuum packing machines 
Vacuum pump
Valves / Pumps
Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machines (VFFS)
Vision solutions
Water Treatment
Wrapping Machine / Vacuum wrapping
Auto Feeding
Bakery processing machinery
Bar Forming Equipment
Beverage Processing
Blending & Granulating Machines & Equipment
Cake makers
Capsule Cleaning and Polishing Machines
Centrifugal equipment
Cereal processing equipment
Cereal systems
Poultry Processing Equipment
Powder handling systems
Powder processing systems
Refrigeration equipment/systems
Remote Control Equipment
Materials DrinkTech
Adhesives tape
Aluminium foil packaging materials 
Biopack packaging materials
Bubble bag
Bubble box
Bubble wrap
Cardboard boxes
Frozen food packaging materials 
Glass container
POF packaging materials
Polystyrene packaging materials 
Polyurethane adhesives
PP & PET strapping materials
Automation & control systems 
Automation packing
Automatisation of filtration
Beer blending and carbonisation devices 
Beer mats
Crate & case stacker
Crate washers
Cylindro-conical fermenters
Loader & unloader for retort crates 
Malting plants
Material handling solutions
Milling plants
Vacuum weighing systems
Valve technology
Water deaeration
Pharma Tech Cold Chain, Logistics and Warehousing
Air classifiers
Air Compressor
Anti-counterfeit solutions
Aseptic pumps
Container accumulation
Conveying systems
Conveyor belts
Corundum stone mills
Cosmetics packaging
ID Reader
Inline pumps
Magnetic separators
Ammonia compressor lubricant
Automated storage
Assembly, Maintenance & Repair Services
Bulk Packaging / transportation
Clamping plates
Cold chain consultants & services 
Cold chain logistics
Cold chain management system
Food cooling and storage systems 
Food distribution and transport
Food handling machinery/ equipment 
Logistics and automation
Logistics Services
Low-temperature instruments
Coding, Marking, Labelling PrinTech
Auto sleeve labeling machine
Card printer
Coating machinery
Coating thickness
Coding, dating, marking, stamping 
Flexo printing
Flexography printers

Gravure printers

Printing & converting systems 
Printing & converting systems/ design 
Self-adhesive labelling machinery
Self-adhesive labelstock
Tampon printing machinery
Uninterruptible power supplies 
Automatic Systems & Devices for In Line Monitoring
Auxiliary Machinery & Equipment (e.g. slitter rewinders, cardboard cutting machines, welding machines, etc.)
Chemical Products & Materials
Converting Machinery
Equipment, Installations & Tools for Lifting & Conveyance for the Graphic & Converting industry
Machinery & Equipment for Coating, Impregnation, Vanishing, Resin Coating, Lamination, Metallization, Embossing Recycling & Reduction of Environmental Footprint
Machinery & Equipment for Corrugated Board Production
Machinery & Equipment for Die Cutter Preparation
Machinery & Equipment for Label Printing, Converting & Production, Coding, Marking, Traceability & Automatic Identification
Machinery & Equipment for Package & Decoration Printing
Machinery & Equipment for Packaging Plastics Films (Only if in line with printing machines)
Lab & Test General Services
Air/ Gas/ Stack monitoring equipment/supplies
Analyzers, Auto
Animal diagnostic
Animal science
Autoclave / Sterilizer
Balances / Weighing
Dispensor / Auto Pipet / Auto uret, Accs. 
Dissolution tester
Electrofusion system
Food testing equipment/ solution
Food Safety & Hygiene Technology
Furnaces / Ovens / Incubators
Gauges, Level
Assembly, Maintenance & Repair Services
Contract Packaging
Design & construction process plants 
Operation (Co-Packing)
Packaging Design & Consultancy
Packaging Waste Disposal & Recycling
Plant Engineering, Design & Consultancy
Trade association/Governments
Trade press 
Training provider
Software solutions for the manufacturing and packaging process
Researchs and Teachings

(This list is not exhaustive and serves as a guide only)


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