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Labeling 20/20: A clear look at this year’s top trends

As we focus our attention on 2020 and the coming years, it is more evident than ever that labeling is changing in a big way.

6 trends changing drug packaging from the inside out

Six trends are shaping the future of global pharmaceutical packaging, according to research and analysis from researchers at Pharmapack Europe.

Global Co-Packing Market Expected to Grow 8% Through 2022

New market research attributes growth in rapid growth of the global consumer goods manufacturing market in both developed and developing countries.

Masan MEATLife’s value could exceed $1 billion thanks to recent mega deal

Recent merger deal between two Vietnamese conglomerates Vingroup and Masan could boost value of Masan MEATLife to over $1 billion upon exchange listing.

Aeon Group plans to have 20 Vietnam mega supermarkets by 2025

Japanese retail giant Aeon will open more stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi before expanding to other provinces and cities, said Yasuo Nishitohge, CEO of Aeon Southeast Asia.

Vietnam becomes the 9th largest fresh fruit importer of U.S.

Vietnam has become the ninth largest fruit market of U.S. while the State is the second largest importer of Vietnamese fresh fruits, American official said while announcing arrival of oranges on Saturday.

Tetra Pak claims a bioplastic first for food and beverage packaging

Together with supplier Braskem (São Paulo), Tetra Pak (Lausanne, Switzerland) has become the first company in the food and beverage industry to responsibly source fully traceable plant-based polymers using the Bonsucro (London) standards for sustainable sugarcane.

Việt Nam, Egypt to strengthen trade cooperation

Việt Nam and Egypt need solutions to increase bilateral trade, especially as each country has advantageous products that can penetrate the other’s market.

New FTAs put pressure on VN to reform business practices

Experts say the EVFTA will have a significant impact on Viet Nam's economy in the years to come.
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