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Vietnamese food processing industry expects further expansion, eyes foreign investment

The Vietnamese food processing industry has experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years, and expects further expansion as it eyes additional foreign investments.

Manufacturing, processing sector drives development

The Ministry of Industry and Trade sees supporting the manufacturing and processing industry as the key to boosting socio-economic development this year.

Continued consolidation predicted in 2019 global packaging market

The packaging market will continue see consolidation next year, according to Livingstone M&A expert Barry Sheehan.

Food processing seeks more foreign investment

Vietnam’s food processing industry has experienced rapid growth over the past five years and further expansion is expected as it eyes additional foreign investment, according to the Singapore-based Food Navigator Asia news.


The pharmaceutical industry is very similar to many other process and production industries in terms of the plant and machinery used. Similarly, the processes employed to cultivate, refine and blend pharmaceutical ingredients and end products are widely used in other industries.

4 Mega trends that will change the Beverage Packaging market

The beverage packaging market is undergoing several changes that are anticipated to transform the face of the market.

5 ways conveyors improve packaging productivity

Quick, efficient and accurate packaging is a crucial part of manufacturing and related sectors, especially for companies dealing with food products or pharmaceuticals. Conveyors have always been important elements of this process, even if they aren’t always taken as seriously as they deserve.

Indonesia to draw final conclusion on Vietnamese packaging

The Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee (KADI) has recently issued its essential facts in the sunset review of the anti-dumping taxes levied on Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film imports from Thailand and Vietnam.

What can the US-China trade war bring to Vietnam’s plastics industry?

VietNamNet Bridge - Two possible scenarios in Vietnam exist: exporting more products and becoming suppliers to Walmart and IKEA, or becoming a place for Chinese goods to transit before going to the US.

Foreign investors promote M&A with Vietnam’s pharmacy firms

With a two-digit growth rate in many years, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market has boosted foreign drug firms to continue merger and acquisition (M&A) deals with their Vietnamese counterparts in a move to get higher revenue from the potential market.
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