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After a nearly-9-year journey, on this Sunday, 30 June, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and EU – Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) will be signed in Hanoi, following the approval of the EU Council early this week.

The EVFTA is promised to bring Vietnam and Europe closer – two markets that are very complementary. With European investment and Vietnam exports in goods to the EU expected to grow, positive economic effects for local enterprises and incidentally improvements on the welfare of Vietnamese citizens will follow.

EuroCham would like to bring an overall view about the FTA itself, and all the latest updates from both the EU and the Vietnamese Government about this turning point to our members. We encourage all EuroCham members to take advantage of this opportunity and attend for this special event including an open Q&A session to get the inside track on this historic signing, find out what happens next, discover what it means to your sector, your business and how you could prepare for this game changing factor.

Our expert speakers, EuroCham Chairman Nicolas Audier, EuroCham Vice-Chairman Jean Jacques Bouflet will talk about how the EVFTA will impact different sectors and industries and also be ready to address all your business questions and concerns at the threshold of the new chapter in EU-Vietnam trade and investment.

Please note that all your questions should be sent to EuroCham in advance for well preparation and we will answer at the Q&A session.

For more information, please visit: THE EVFTA: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

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