Innovative Laser Solutions for Intelligent Packaging

The market demands compelling packaging that simultaneously meets a number of conflicting requirements in terms of cosmetics, functionality, and cost. Laser processing can be a key competitive advantage for manufacturers in numerous cutting, slitting, perforating, and marking tasks on a wide variety of plastics, foils, and multilayer films. Non-contact laser processing enables web-compatible, high-speed processing for maximum throughput, consistent results for high yields and superior quality, and exceptional reliability for minimum downtime.

Namson Laser provides laser sources, laser-based sub-systems and turnkey laser machines for a wide range of packaging tasks including slitting for easy opening, perforating for freshness preservation, and an extensive variety of marking solutions. If you have a process that can benefit from laser processing, Coherent can supply you with both the optimum product and the expertise to enable your success.

Laser marking is ideally suited for many materials commonly used in packaging, including paper, foils, cardboard, and polymers. Laser marking is a contact-free process, avoiding any mechanical stress on the packaging. And, because laser marking is tool-free and computer-controlled, it can easily support serialization and produce a wide variety of marks, barcodes, and even greyscale images. Laser marking is also highly compatible with on-the-fly applications, like marking of moving products or roll material.

Laser marking typically operates through one of three mechanisms. First, it can remove outer layers of material to reveal a contrasting layer beneath. It can also be used to engrave into polymers and glass. Or it heats a material to produce a thermochemical color change on various lacquers, plastic films, or labels.

Almost all packaging foils are multilayered structures, and the properties of these various materials and the way they are processed can create challenges for converting tasks. Coherent has the breadth of product to deliver the right solution for each application, as well as the application know-how to help ensure optimum results.

Laser scribing in web-direction

For applications which require scribing in the direction of web movement, lasers equipped with fixed optics and beam splitters offer an ideal solution. Each laser beam scribes a path onto the web material via focusing optics. Scribes may be continuous or non-continuous.

Laser perforating for easy opening

A laser perforation can also be utilized for easy opening. Specifically, an easy-open structure utilizing a “zipper effect” can be made by a sequence of perforations.


10 July, 2019