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Pratham Technologies: Paper folding machines for pharma and cosmetics


Pratham Technologies designs and develops a range of paper folding machines for use in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics print finish and packaging applications.

DJA represents Pratham Technologies across North America, offering high-performance paper folding machines throughout the region.

“They manufacture the paper folding machines for the inserts that you have that tell you how to use the contents, or the outserts that tell you about what you may be taking,” says DJA vice-president and general manager Rusty Nelson. “Somebody has to fold those up.”

Automatic paper folding machines for medical and cosmetics inserts

Partham also offers visual inspection system.

DJA offers a select range of Pratham Technologies’ products, including Superfold automatic insert and outsert folding systems, the Cartonova leaflet folding machine, as well as the Superinspect visual inspection system.

Solutions are designed to automatically process 40gsm to 130gsm paper at an output of between 18,000 and 23,000 A4 inserts an hour with a single fold. There are three variants of the Superfold insert machines, with a friction, vacuum or pile feed available.

The pile feed variant can be used for high-speed folding of coated, non-coated and Bible paper inserts with single, double or triple folds to suit a diverse number of styles.

Pratham Technologies’ friction feeder model can be used for parallel and vertical folds using two aligned machines, while the vacuum feeder model offers six or eight vertical and cross folds using two machines. These can be unattached to provide a parallel folding machine.

Outsert and leaflet folding systems for medical and cosmetics applications

DJA is able to provide Pratham Technologies’ Superfold complete outsert folding system, along with the Cartonova leaflet folding machine.

“To try and fold outserts by hand to put on a bottle, or inside a bottle, is difficult at best,” says Rusty Nelson. “So they’ve made machines that do that such as Superfold.”

The outsert folding machine is designed to provide 8,000 outserts an hour for medical and cosmetics packaging. Optional extras can be added such as an extra-long conveyor, parallel knife machine and inspection unit.

Cartonova is an online leaflet folding machine has been designed by Pratham Technologies to be integrated with pharmaceutical packaging lines. It is fitted with a suction feeder and can process up to 250 leaflets a minute with two models offering four or six parallel folds.

Pharmaceutical packaging line inspection machines

Pratham Technologies has also developed an individual Superinspect system, which supports up to four independent cameras. It is a control and monitoring solution that can be used by packaging facilities to verify barcodes, logos and other codes.

“These are the things that are outside the norm of a manufacturing facility,” adds Rusty Nelson about Pratham Technologies’ paper folding products. “A lot of these processes are outsourced to vendors. My target is to get this company into those vendors that are supplying these leaflets to the customer.”

Source: foodprocessing-technology.com


10 July, 2019